Jan 13, 2013

Train To Nowhere

Now Available on Amazon is my latest novella, Train to Nowhere.

Train to Nowhere is a novella length story of 17,000 words, approximately 52 pages*

In 1967, while millions in China are unfairly persecuted because of their livelihood or heritage, others join the Cultural Revolution to pledge allegiance to a leader who is considered a legend to some and a tyrant to others. Mao's revolution is sweeping across the country, leaving many competing to show their loyalty with actions that will leave scars for decades. Even more traumatic than the destruction of art, books, and historic architecture, families are torn apart as they struggle to find a way to survive the upheaval.

Ling, a sheltered and devoted daughter, is forced to join the feared Red Guards, a strategy concocted by her mother to ensure her protection. But for this scheme to work, Ling must hold her secrets close and trust no one. Her journey has only just begun when she is faced with a moment of truth that will impact the future she has unwillingly chosen on the Train to Nowhere.

Oct 1, 2012

A Thread Unbroken

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Chai and Josi share a bond that transcends ordinary friendship. While Chai has always been Josi’s protector—ever since they were toddlers, growing up together in a small Chinese village—she finds herself helpless when they are both abducted from their families and sold to faraway strangers. In their new home, with the family of the fisherman who bought them, their old lives are torn away piece by piece. But Chai knows she must stay strong if they’re to have any chance of escaping.  That same tenacious hope guides Chai’s father, Jun, who fights to find the girls and bring them home, despite seemingly insurmountable odds and a corrupt legal system. The days since the girls were taken soon stretch to weeks and months, but Chai’s spirit remains unbroken and Jun’s resolve unwavering. An inspiring story of remarkable courage and indefatigable hope, A Thread Unbroken is about the invisible ties that hold people together, even when everything around them is falling apart.

Dec 4, 2011

Mei Li and the Wise Laoshi Book Release! (Written by Kay Bratt)

Do you want a fun book that also helps to answer those hard questions your adopted child has? I hope this is it and that your child will love Mei Li and the Wise Laoshi!
Mei Li has just about had it with Cameron’s teasing, and she daydreams of having a fairy
godmother. Instead she is granted with a wise old teacher from China who appears
at her bedside! With his magic cane and his gentle ways, Laoshi takes Mei Li on
an adventure to China and back to the day she was born to show her how her story
began. Together they perch on a shaky pagoda and look at the Great Wall of
China, a flowing river, and even pandas as the wise old Laoshi guides her
through some hard questions she has been holding in her heart. Laoshi teaches
Mei Li that a family is not just about who you were born to, but can also be
created through the amazing gift of love.
Buy now just in time for Christmas! Available at this Amazon Link.

Nov 13, 2011

You Can Win this Karito Wan Ling doll!

You can win this Karito Wan Ling doll.

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Nov 5, 2011

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